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The Anatomy of a Recent Fraud Attempt

Are Turkish Hackers planning to wipe your iPhone, iPad, or Mac?

Are you backing up your PC?

What is two-factor authentication (and why should you care)?

Should you be worried about the latest Yahoo security breach?

It May Be Time to Outsource Your Computer Support

Is your business in a high-crime area?

How Often Should You Refresh Your Computers?

Beware of recycling old computers

Update to Windows 10? Not so fast!

Lessons learned from the Target PCI Breach

Defend Against the CryptoLocker Virus

179 Reasons to Upgrade Before January 2014

WordPress now offers automatic updates

Advocate Healthcare HIPAA Breach Results in Class Action Lawsuit

August 2013 Microsoft Patch Tuesday is Here

Most HIPAA Breaches are Caused by Employees

Trendjacking threats are a growing concern

Be Prepared for a Data Disaster

Six people fired from Cedars-Sinai over patient privacy breach

WellPoint Fined $1.7M For ePHI Disclosure

Idaho State University fined $400,000 for skipping HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

Goodbye Windows XP

RescueSMB Backup and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Planning

Oracle closes critical Java vulnerability

Anti-virus software alone is not enough

Apple blocks vulnerable Flash plugins

Yet Another Java Zero-Day

Evernote hack results in forced password change

Apple also a victim of targeted malware attack

Adobe has scheduled an update for last week's Acrobat zero-day

Facebook is apparent victim of a Java zero-day attack

New Adobe Acrobat Zero-Day Reported

Adobe issues two Flash zero-day patches

Oracle releases emergency patches for Java

HHS announces first HIPAA breach settlement involving less than 500 patients

UPnP to be the next mega-exploit?

"Terrific Employee" loses job over USB Memory Stick HIPAA breach

"Terrific Employee" loses job over USB Memory Stick breach

Seriously... not another Java zero-day attack?

MA medical billing practice faces Hipaa penalties

Why did I get a virus?!

Are you using Postini? It's time to make other plans

Oracle releases the awaited patch for Java

Concern over the zero-day Java exploit grows

Microsoft releases out-of-band patch for the IE8 (and below) zero-day hole

Java 6 support to end in February 2013

Facebook to begin using HTTPS

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