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Why Us?

Posted by Steven Thom on May 26, 2017 1:35:58 PM

Why choose us for help desk support in Chicago?

In the crowded Chicago I.T. landscape, why choose Thom Infotech?

This is a simple yet profound question - why us? It's likely you did some searching and ended up here. That's great - in fact that's exactly what we intended to happen. We spend a lot of time optimizing and tweaking our SEO strategy to make sure folks like you can find us. But why should you go to the next step and fill in the blanks, click the "Call to action" or call our phone number?

There are a lot of other IT firms out there. Some of them are perfectly competent. Many are anything but. Some are downright awesome. Almost all of us sell the same stuff, use similar tools and processes, hire from the same pool of talent and believe many of the same things about network reliability, security, and functionality. What sets us apart, however, is an intangible - something you can't merely buy and deploy. We sell an outcome.

An outcome? Yes. We start with the results. We know how good things can be as well as how bad things can be. When everything is done right, the outcome is wonderful. When corners are cut or inferior or incomplete solutions are implemented, the outcome ends up being dramatically different. Starting with the outcome in mind causes us to do everything leading up to that point very differently. Furthermore, we want all of our clients to have the same outcome. We don't have a silver, gold, and platinum plan. Every client gets our best plan and every client gets the same great outcome.

We might insist on a few things your current or previous firm didn't care about. There's a reason for that… you guessed it, it's the outcome. Our years of experience have taught us that the choices made during onboarding, network design, and implementation are all critical. All of them. Once upon a time we were not quite so fussy, and we noticed some of our clients were "noisier" than others. No, I don't mean yelling. We use the term noise to refer to trouble. Problems. Failures. Tickets. All of which made some of our clients considerably less happy than others. When we stepped back and evaluated the differing outcomes, a pattern emerged. Our "value" clients (the ones with cheaper solutions) clearly had a worse outcome than those with a bigger budget. Sadly, the value clients often spent just as much - if not more - on their IT support as a result. Unsurprisingly, the value clients were far less happy with their outcome. That's when it clicked for us.

So now we treat all of our clients the same. And guess what? They both get the outcome they deserve, and it's really not more expensive than the old way of doing things. Oh, and here's a secret - we really benefit from it too. You see, we really didn't like the fact that some of our clients were grumpy and others were delighted. At first we thought it was the clients, but we later realized it was us. We did a lousy job helping clients see the value in the outcome. Rather than skimping along with inferior solutions, we now help our clients make the right choices for the right price, all with a view towards the right outcome. It's that simple.

So in answering my original question, the "why" is more clear. We do things right. We don't cut corners, and we make sure you understand why our recommendations will make your outcome great. You get the same outcome regardless of your size or budget. You win. We win. And we are all far happier at the end of the day. That's what sets us apart.

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